Future Plans

The old bank is now being developed into a multi-purpose city centre hub with the following features:

1. A Heritage Room
• capturing the architecture of Goddard
• displaying the original drawings and details from 1875
• learning activities for schools and colleges
• artefacts from the Goddard family

2. A Meditation Hall
• breakfast and lunch yoga sessions
• regular meditation blending music, mantra and dance
• self-development courses
• philosophy, poetry and lecture evenings

3. A Restaurant
• international cuisine experience
• lunch and evening menus
• ambient and calm feeling
• art gallery of the historic bank

4. A Café
• variety of coffees, milk shakes and smoothies
• home-made breads, cakes and delicacies
• a place for thought, reflection and reading
• books to celebrate Leicester’s 165 languages

5. A Venue
• civic gatherings
• meetings and training events
• banquets, receptions and themed parties
• special events and festivals

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